Showtime will return in 2020!  

Our Showtime Producer Laura Keady-Bennett said “I think the moment the curtain raised in the finale for Bring on Tomorrow will stay with me for the rest of my days. I actually can’t describe how proud of all of you I was in that moment”. I can’t thank everyone enough both on and off, Read More

With only 4 days to go till Gang Show opening night! Today is our last Sunday rehearsal ahead of the big week. If you haven’t already, book your tickets via Playhouse Whitley Bay and show your support to our amazing cast and crew!    

From the 25th January, talented youngsters from the Whitley Bay area will take to the stage to wow audiences in Whitley Bay Scouts’ Gang Show Presents Showtime! With rehearsals almost complete, the curtains will soon be rising on the popular variety show running at Whitley Bay Playhouse. Those treading the boards will perform comedy sketches,, Read More

That’s right, we’re into Showtime Week!! Only 5 days to go on our Whitley Bay Gang Show countdown till we lift the Showtime curtain. Thank you for all your support so far and don’t forget to tell all of your family and friends about Whitley Bay Showtime- tickets are still available via the Playhouse Whitley, Read More

Adam Henderson a member of the Showtime cast recently took over the role of rehearsal photographer, working towards one  of his Scout section badges he took a number of digital photographs. These images were taken during a recent rehearsal and have been uploaded as evidence of his work.  

Sketch rehearsals continue and we’ve got some excellent scripts this year…. In the picture below picture are 4 people, can you see them? Our Musical Direrctor continues to impress our soloists with his excellent skills! Showtime 2018 is well underway and we can’t wait to bring it to the stage in the new year!, Read More

The Cub Gang continue to impress with their acting abilities! They put so much effort in every rehearsal, check them out below! This week they joined the main gang and another number was set 🙂 huge progress made once again!

Today is Gang Photo day and we’ve had one of our rehearsal photographers present to take the eye catching photo for our Showtime programme 🙂 Look, he’s even got a great pose!

With only 7 weeks to go before show week, we’ve progressed more into the blocking of our numbers and the staging of each act. Today we welcomed the Cubs into the main rehearsal room, we’ve danced, sung and blocked various numbers. Our costume department snuck into rehearsals to ensure our cast are equipped with, Read More