The Cub Gang continue to impress with their acting abilities! They put so much effort in every rehearsal, check them out below! This week they joined the main gang and another number was set 🙂 huge progress made once again!

With only 7 weeks to go before show week, we’ve progressed more into the blocking of our numbers and the staging of each act. Today we welcomed the Cubs into the main rehearsal room, we’ve danced, sung and blocked various numbers. Our costume department snuck into rehearsals to ensure our cast are equipped with, Read More

Our Cub Gang continue to rehearse a very special number for our 2018 show. They are working incredibly hard week in and week out, learning lines, choreography and a whole load of surprises! They join the main cast each week to be part of the older gang ensuring they learn and practice their other, Read More

Our Choreographers are working hard with our Showtime dancers to create some magical movements for various numbers in the show, the young people are working extremely hard to learn their moves! Here’s a sneak speak of what they are upto 🙂