Our Cub Gang continue to rehearse a very special number for our 2018 show. They are working incredibly hard week in and week out, learning lines, choreography and a whole load of surprises!

They join the main cast each week to be part of the older gang ensuring they learn and practice their other key roles in the show!

Well done to the Cub Gang and Cub Team for working tirelessly to come up with what will be a hugely entertaining number.


After taking part in various local remembrance services today the cast arrived at the Showtime rehearsals. Full of energy and enthusiasm they continued to sing songs from a main number and we added more complex  choreography to the routines.

The cast continue to dedicate a huge amount of time and effort to the show supported by all of the adult volunteers in many roles.

With tickets now on sale we hope you will  support us by purchasing your tickets! Flyers and posters will soon be available for distribution.

Our Choreographers are working hard with our Showtime dancers to create some magical movements for various numbers in the show, the young people are working extremely hard to learn their moves!

Here’s a sneak speak of what they are upto 🙂

Rehearsals continued today and we’ve made huge progress with our show. The cast have returned after half term full of energy and enthusiasm.

One of our main numbers is now fully set and is ready for the big stage!

We’ll continue rehearsing over the coming weeks to ensure our show is fit for the Playhouse and our huge audiences in January 2018!

Don’t forget to book your tickets now!



We’re please to say that our Cast are progressing well and are learning the show very quickly!

The Cub Gang are working hard on their segment of the show, the producers are extremely proud of their achievements so far.

It’s been a busy few weeks but we’d like to thank all of the cast, crew and production team for the hard work, time and effort put into the show so far…….

Half Term is fast approaching which means only one thing, so is the show!

Showtime – Gang Show 2018 launches today with our all singing, dancing & performing variety show taking to the stage at Whitley Bay Playhouse between 25th and 27th January 2018.

Our show is made up of Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network members and adults from across Whitley Bay & District Scouts. With a cast of approx 100 young people and adults, performing numbers from a wide range of popular shows and hit songs.

We’ll keep you update with the progress of our show and watch out for highlights of rehearsals in the coming weeks….